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afternoon hours, we'll have total sunshine and looks like upper 40s to low 50s on the coast . quiet start to 2013. christin? >> mike, thank you. quiet start on the road ways. it was busier than usual with folks heading home. 580 eastbound between 680, taking 14 minutes right now and if you are traveling westbound between hillcrest and 282, that takes 18 minutes . to the maze it will take you 19 minutes. all pretty normal . here is i-80 in berkeley traffic is moving well and light. live picture for you and very few cars coming in the city. you will see more tail lights heading out of the city after all of the partying. folks, be safe this morning. san francisco marked the arrival of the new year in
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style. abc 7 news reporter terry sweeney is live on the isle. >> happy new year to you. this is one of the spots that a lot of people came to check out the tracitional way of bringing in the new year. look at what i am talking about. talking about fireworks, folks. 250,000 people were expected to be piling up in the area in san francisco. we'll show a number of the fews. display of 4500 devices lasted 15 minutes and that is shorter than the 4th of july fireworks. the crowd on new year's eve is easy mood . s of other spots including here on treasure island with one message, here it is. happy new year! everything is nice and clean
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and beautiful. i like the people and food, it is great. >> that man in town from peru to enjoy the holiday. getting around town was busy. a luxor cab company offering a free ride from 10 to three . as far as b.a.r.t. goes, a lot of people taking advantage of it 250,000 rode that last year can about the same this year. a couple of arrests and people had to be taken to the hospital as a result of too much alcohol. all in all, a darn good new year here in san francisco. this is abc 7 news. >> all right. terry, thank you. cabbies were busy . san francisco boys were keeping celebrations successful. there were a couple of violent crimes. amy holyfield is along . it was not a happy new year
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for all. >> no, a few people got shot trying to enjoy the fireworks including a 12 year old boy here pier 23. there were a couple of that got into a verbal argument . a couple of shots were fired. but two people who were shot were not part of the argument. one man grazed in his hip and a 12 year old boy shot in the ankle and happened just before midnight at len:30. there was a large crowd here ready to ring in the new year. >> loud pops. we didn't know if they were fireworks . everybody split up and started running . >> there was another shooting in this general area before midnight. this one at jefferson and mason. it was 10:40 and the man was shot in his hand.
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everyone is expected to be okay . no major injuries. police did make arrest. 10 people in the new year's eve crowd all of them for public intoxation. live from san francisco amy holyfield, abc 7 news. >> this time four people were dead in a head on collision in the san quokim county. two cars collided. they had crossed the double yellow line and you can tell by the condition of the cars and the violence of that collision. one car had two women and a man and the other a male driver and all of them died. highway 12 is still closed. >> in sacramento festivities turned deadly in old town when shots rang out inside of a bar. two people were killed and two people were killed when a fight spilled out from a
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sports bar to the street. police are questioning witnesses about whoo they may have seen. burninglet after midnight oil. the senate passed a bill to avoid the fiscal cliff . increase on everybody's taxes gingtoday. - beginning today. now the house has to act in a few hours. tamon bradly reports. americans rang in the new year, the senate was in session in the middle of the night passing a bill after the fiscal cliff deadline went by. >> we have done good for the country. >> since lawmakers missed the deadline. every american wakes up with higher tax and congress can undo those hikes if the house passes the senate bill. vice-president biden told reporter he hopes that the bill gets through the house. >> you shouldn't predict how
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the senate will vote before they vote and you surely shouldn't predict the house vote. >> the senate bill would extend tax cuts for all workers . raises taxes on people above $40000. >> and extend unemployment benefits for two million. the house will take up the bill this morning and hopefully the chamber can pass it before the economy is rocked by the tax hikes. >> i feel good. >> president obama call would the senate vote the right thing to do for the country and encouraged the house to pass the bill right away. >> new defrom doctors treating hillary clinton on her blood clot. it is it collected between the brain and skull behind the right ear. they are treating her with blood thinners. last month she fell and got a concussion and that caused a
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blood clot and that is uncommon. but she is make excellent progress. and san mateo; police are trying to figure out what caused a deadly shooting on lewis road at an apartment complex by the fair grounds. police found one man on the ground dying from gunshot wounds. they detained two people for questioning. this is the 43rd homicide there 1991. >> san francisco fire officials are trying to find out what caused a house fire on atheps street. ppg&e crews cut off the gas line. two people were hospitalized. you can see the house is a total loss. well, it is 5:08 and. first day of 2013 is a winter
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spare the air day as mike mentioned. mike, happy new year to you . it is a cold start. tomorrow morning will be colder than this morning. we'll lookalt live doppler hd. south of main street and headed to the road. this is pretty high in the atmosphere . this is not making it to the ground. this is heading to boulder creek. it is it a big story. it is the spare the air for all of us. it will be in the santa clara valley and the north bay not only today but also tomorrow. no burning of wood today and tomorrow. you will have to crank the heater up higher if you have the fireplace to keep you warm . >> there is it a few clouds out there . 34 in length and low 40s for the rest of the us . low 50s for the afternoon and it is it sunny . sunshine means dryer air and you head out this evening.
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30s and 40s . you will need a coat. coldest morning and few more clouds thursday and friday and temperatures will be warming to mid-50s and 60s. here's christ -- christin. >> thank you. first day of 2013. we'll look at celebrations around the world and the biggest party in america. including the big apple. making sure 2013 is nothing like 2012. >> in today's tech bites. version of hole in internet explorer. crooks can put malicious code and people who use the browser. say goodbye to the net book. last two manufacturers are ending production today.
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cupertino, concorde and wine country and all of the bay area. this is abc 7 news. >> happy new year, it is 5:14. we'll look live outside from our camera in emeriville looking west and bay bridge . the skies you can see are clear and cold after a fantastic firework show . mike has the new year's forecast in a second. we hope you had a great start to the new year even if it did not involve the crystal ball. millions of revelers upon jammed in times scare and counted the last seconds of 2012 together. mike bloomberg had red lip stick marks on his cheek. there was a frenzy of
5:14 am
smooching. celebration halfway around the world. celebration was festive. hundreds of thousands watched the fireworks in ber lin gate. the crowd stretched for a mile. several musician including the pet shop boys kept everyone entertained. they danced to the pop culture phenomena in 2012 that is of course. gangum style. it was not fireworks in texas. folks in houston rang in with a twist by having a whacky car parade. convoy of art on wheels complete with cars that lit up and one that even blew fire. who knew art could be dangerous and exciting. >> nice. >> waking up this morning, a lot of folks are just going to bed and cuddling up under the
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comforters. but it is still cold. >> 30s and 40s out there and no 20s yet in most areas. there was one in my neighborhood. i had frost on the windshield. we'll show you what is going on happy new year. 5:16 and looking from our roof cam, back they are doing a good job of doing that. it already like no one had been there earlier in the evening . it is what is going on. getting red eye returns and it is it more than radar shooting in the midlevel of the clouds and i don't think it is making it to the ground. but it is it out there in the stanta cruz mountains. so a few sprinkles are possible. cool spot in the reporting station. they may center it cooler. 36 in fairfold and livermore . everybody else in the mid to
5:16 am
low 40s x. monterey bay. we have mid-to upper 30s and 41 degrees . here's what i am thinking. we have a sunny start today and it is it the spare the air not only today but tomorrow. that is going to mean something. it is cold. it is freezing and most areas tonight and it will be dry through the weekend . high temperatures . looked like yesterday . few upper 40s are possible on the cost . mid-50s on the monterey bay. wide spread 20s are inland and fremont x. 32 in san jose and 35 in oak left-hand. that is where we will have the hard freeze today and tonight. bay shore in santa clara val. temperatures will be in the dangerous category from 11:00 tonight and 9:00 tomorrow
5:17 am
morning. pets and plants and possibly pipes. here is an area of disturbed weather kicking up the clouds. once it passes it will usher in the colder air for tonight and today. it will be the slow warming friend and guilty warmer in the weekend with temperatures in the 50s to near 60 degrees. here's kristin. >> some folks are driving home after the parties. giching you a look outside for those of you riding transit. no issues. the extra trains and bus to get folks home and they are now on a holiday schedule for new year's day. you can see traffic is light coming in san francisco. a lot of folks are not working and going to watch the bowl game or rose bowl parade. lights are heading west .
5:18 am
you can see folks taking it slow and easing up a bit. a few folks partied too hard and be careful and get home safely to your loved ones . sad news to report. a 15,000 reward to find the person who killed a 15 year old girl over the weekend. she died after being shot in east oakland. she and other family members were walking to the bart station and a gun battle erupted twompt teens shot at one another. she could not get out of the way. >> heat just came out of the no where . they say he was trying to shoot somebody else and she was there. my daughter said she tried to grab her and jerel went down. a 14 year old boy walking with her was shot and expected to
5:19 am
live. each year in a catholic church in oakland hold a ceremony to remember the people killed in the city. last year 2012 was especially devastating. >> dozens of white cross on the front lawn of the st. columba church. each cross has a number and name written on it. he was shot october 28th on the way home from his grandmother's house. >> not since 2006 has the homicide rate in this city been so high. >> jordan, quincy. >> as part of the ceremonep the names were read and cross crared in the church. the names include an alarming number of women and children. this year 22 people of the
5:20 am
murdered. an unacceptable number with children. >> the aim is to help people visualize how many victims were killed and the hope to prevent the same thing from happening. this is to make sure 2013 was better than 2012. >> the chef jordan is trying to get a handle on the violence. reintroducing community policing. >> having a national expert. we have an opportunity to make an impact here local low. >> age 24. >> the hope is for fower names to be called in the ceremony next yore. in oakland, abc 7 nows. >> we are hearing just how
5:21 am
extensive and massive the operation was to clean up the miss in sant clara county. 4,000 pounds of garbage was cloned out nor glroy and morgan hill. deputies had to be culled - called in. and it tock throw days to remove all of the junk and found car bat rows and a car muffler and several moils of irrigationing. it is five- on 5:22 . which bay area cities will be cleaning up big time . a money boost for workers in san f
5:22 am
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>> we have a heads up . a popular beach is closed because of a large gap in an access road. the culvert under the rod fail opened up a hole. the rod which lead toz lemor tour beach will be closed until further notice . it affects the parked has and education we are starting out the year with sphair the air warning. hi, mike. >> happy new year to you. talking about the sprinkles first and talking about spare the air in half moon bay. we had ground troops that is make down alpine rod by sky line boulevard.
5:25 am
it is sloyding southeast. watch out in santa cruz. your areas could get wet. this is it for the radar on the entoire state. a little flurries around tahoe and yosemite. kristin? >> thanks a lot. >> all right. make sure you have safe travels if you are traveling around. again, the closer to the coast. we'll talk longer with extra time. you will have possibility of showers all the way down to santa barbara. now we are ready to move on, kristin? >> moving on to 2013. lots of time inlet new year. folks want to take it easy to drive home or to work like us. drive time on 580 17 minutes .
5:26 am
live look, also in the south bay sant jose. highway 87. barely any cars are out there. be safe. >> final preparations for the tournament of roses parade in pasadena. there will be treats for bay area viewers including valley high school band. good morning america will be seen in half an hour . 8:00, the fun begins. first of the floats roll down in orange grove in pasa kena. and bring it to you live on abc 7. mike is in pasa dena to cover the rose bowl game as tan ford takes on wisconsin. you can catch his report later on in abc 7. fireworks may be over but partying went late in the night as thousands pack in on san francisco's water front. >> they packed in and watched
5:27 am
the fireworks on treasure island. this is a great place to look at the fireworkings. i know a lot of you didn't get
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>> good morning, it is five : 30 on the first day of 2013. i am kristin zee. happy new year. hope you had a nice time last night and now they are home, we are bringing on the sprinkles. that is the key. it is it over a sparsely populated area . in the santa cruz mountains. you can see pulling away from half moon bay and alpine rod to page mill road and scoy line boulevard and in west
5:30 am
freemont. this is to cupertino and campbell and santa cruz. you may get a fow sprinkles this morning. otherwise it will be sunny this afternoon . temperatures are the same in the ball park. low to mid-50s for the rest of us. kristin? >> mike, thanks. it locks like the weather will not bother your drive time it arey are and 580 . the drive times are just fine. faster than usual. look at a-80 and head light necessary san francisco and normally more busy and today is a holiday. if you do have to drive, know you will have a lot of the road to yourself and a lot of company. bay area rang in the area with a lot of parties and the grandest is the fireworks display it is a show of sophistication and
5:31 am
intoxication . terpy is live on treasure island. happy new year. >> happy new year to you . some may combine the two. sophistication and intoxication. look at the bay and see the fireworks going on. quarter million people turned out. fireworks and big ground on hand as usual. it was a 15 minute event. during the 15 minutes, 4500 device went off and the new year's eve celebration is shorter than the july 4th because on new year's eve people have had a few drinks and easier to please. thousands more watch nothing the bay area . other partying and the first day of 2013 are going to be like. >> i had a good time and natural flow of taken tain and carries me to five or 6:00 in
5:32 am
the morning they had a couple of days of recovery. >> hopefully a couple of days off and getting around town was difficult in times and not so bad . if you had a fow drinkings. they are offering a free roadway x. b.a.r.t. had the same number as last yore. 230,000 passengers . as far as traffic goes. kristin was talking about that a moment ago . i drove over hoar at four : 15. it was fair heavier than usual. live on treasure island. abc 7 news. >> celebrations in the city were most low peaceful and police are investigating a few incidents of violence. amy you have numbers in on arrest, right in a couple of people were shocked including a 12 year old boy.
5:33 am
shots were fired and a lot of people tried to run inside of the restaurant for safety. one of the victims was shot in the ankle and another man had a bullet graze his hip. two people were having an argument and hitting two people who were not involved in the fighting including a 12 year old. >> it was right in front of the door. everybody tried to dodge whatever was going on. >> what was happen toth little boy. >> he was kind of smurbed in the door way and everybody was trying to rush into the restaurant. >> it was in jefferson . a man shot in the hand . both shottings happened before midnoit and among the crowds trying to enjoy new year's eve. police arrested 10 people all
5:34 am
for public intoxication . loif in fran amy hollyfield abc 7 news. >> in oakland a large crowd gathered in broadway and 7th street they shot fire works in the air and at police. a few people spray painted graffiti by the jail. there were no reports of injuries. some cities. celebration to ring in 2013 was more subdued. here is it a simple solution to find someone to kiss at midnight. it was the sight of a new year's eve. they tock part in fod, drirchings and games and lots of dancing. singles of all ages with muc ranging from the 60s to the 90s. here on the west coast. fire works were flying high.
5:35 am
and look at that. iconic landmark. back drop for a party in the emerald city. they partied on the streets below and ringing in the now yore in the annual event. >> pope benedict celebrated a mass. this is it catholic church's world day of peace. desnite terrorism and unregulated capitalism. peace will prevail . he appeared tired and had to use a cane. he will give the annual message concerning the porand war torn regions. >> it is now up to the house of representative to keep us from paying higher taxes. there will be sweeping spending cuts and the bill raises it on incomes of
5:36 am
400,000 for individual and 450,000 for couples. >> this shouldn't be the model of doing things around here. but we can say we did some good for the country. we have done some good for the country . taken care of the revenue side of the debate. it is time to redouse washington's out of control spending. >> president obama called the vote the right thing to do for the country. republicans compromised on the tax rates and democrats gave in on the state taxes. - estate taxings. >> there is another crisis looming on the horizon. lawmakers have to worry about the debt ceiling. the u.s. roached the legal borrowing limit yesterday . the treasury department is taking measures to buy time until the end of february including suspending investments and benefit fund
5:37 am
saids for federal workers or they will not pay the country's billos time. congress must vote now to raise the debt ceiling and setting the stage for yet another battle on capitol hill. a new year brings new numbers on the paycheck of thousands san francisco workers. a higher minimum wage comes in . carolyn tyler has the details. >> the street prides itself on the salaries paid to workers in the back of the house. cooks and dish washers and a record high minimum wage rose in from 8.50 in 2004 to 10.24 an hour and jumps to 10.55. >> will it keep you from hiring. >> yes, we'll have to trim our staff down and have less employees. we can't give the raises
5:38 am
because the money is not there . >> supporters say it gives workers and the economy a boost. it is going up in san francisco stince 2003, when voters passed a measure that automatically ties the minimum wage to inflation and cost of the living each year. >> san francisco is not losing business. businesses are not running away from us. we live in one of the most expensive counties in the country . we can afford and businesses can afford this and workers can deserve it. >> recent study by the university of kentucky indicate that minimum wage hurt young less skilled people who are looking for jobs. bill is a professor. he said most agree. >> if it increases it is like everything else. prices go up. people buy less of it and the wage goes up. people hire fewer people of
5:39 am
that particular category. >> supporters say decent wage is a san francisco value. san jose voters approved a hike from 8-10 dollars an hour expected to take place in march. carolyn tiler. abc 7 news. >> starting today. no more digging through your glove blocks looking for proof of insurance . show it right on this smart phone. plastic bags are no longer available in grocery stores and businesses that sell packaged fod. stores will charge 10 cents for bags . plastic bags for produce will be available and free. 16 other counties impose bands on plastic bags. we are starting out the new
5:40 am
year on the chilly side. it is not as chilly as newscast morning. we have a snaul disturbance and that kept the atmosphere over turned. we have sprinkles in the santa cruz mountains and sliding in the. over the mont ribay. you could get sprinkles and big story. spare the air not only today but tomorrow and the worst air quality will be in the santa clara and north bay valley. quick sunshine and dry conditions and hang out in the low 50s and after a frost tomorrow. 50 to 60 for thursday and friday's highs. kristin? >> motorcycle, thank you. still ahead, the new year off to a tragic start following a dead low crash on a northern california highway. >> january 1st means that
5:41 am
drivers will need to have one fewer thing in the car when they hit the road . how about you are waiting for from pasadena and along the rose approximate raid route. excitement is building for the tournament of roses here on abc sen. you can see the grand stands are ready and colorado boulevard . a lot of folks. starting at noon yesterday . can't wait to show you them and all of the people and the bands in the parade. keep it here
5:42 am
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>> happy new year. 5:45 is our time. live look here from treasure island and it is it all lit wup the gorgeous holiday lights. hope you had a great stell and a safe one. head on collision left four people dead in the remote corner in san joquim county. two cars hit with such force they split into. >> and we had a head on
5:45 am
collision. one of the vehicles a solo driver that was deceased and the other vehicle had throw occupiants and they are all deceased. highway 12 remains closed in both directions . hundreds of laws affecting california. it is the breaking it down for us. >> good news for users in social media. it will be illegal for employers and colleges to demand ones user name and pass word. they still recommend using common sense. it can haunt you . be carriful with privacy settings . never post anything . scheduled to take affect are silver alerts for missing seniors. it is it an expansion of the
5:46 am
ham ber alert system . another law requires autodealers to provide 30 day warranties for the vehicles they sell . there are new requirements for party buses. they hold them responsibility for under age drinking. >> drivers of the buses f. they see or condone alcohol consumed. they will be subject to a misdemeanor as limousine drivers are today. one law taking affect is tide up in federal court. they banned a form of psychotherapy aimed at making gay teens straight. they hope that the issue will be resolved soon. >> it is it something that is available to people and it sends up a message that being gay is not okay. >> tell likely take months for the issue to be settled. they have until midfebruary to
5:47 am
submit written briefs. in san jose lilian kim abc news. >> i will put you on the spot. what is your new year's resolution. >> better father and lose weight. that is it a given. >> share and exercise among those as well. be a better person. that is tough. how about exercising the weather today. >> sharing that resolution temperature is it not just you. it is tomorrow . they are football. we have 360 days left. >> 64 . today, it is going to be great. lets of sunshine and a breeze and temperatures are a lot like they were yesterday . stow here we are in the roof came and looking back over to the port of oakland. looking at live upon doppler hd. we knew the sprinkles were coming n they are hitting the
5:48 am
santa cluz mountains and pulling away right now on over clover dale and alpine and mounty eden . boulder creek and ben loman . scott valley. they could get a sprinkle this morning . so submittal to start the new year's with. for the rest of us. clearing and colder. 30 necessary redwood city . san jose 39. warm pots freemont and oakland and half moon bay 40s . monterey 41 . everybody else in the area upper 30s. sunshine for today and spare the air not only today but tomorrow. no burning of wood tonight to stay warm. freezing most areas tonight it is a dangerous freeze. pets and plant pipes . it will be dry through the weekend. start with what is going on outside this afternoon. sunshine building through . low to mid-50s.
5:49 am
upper 40s by the coast for the cooler spots. mid-50s in monterey bay. we'll look at tonight's temperatures. note the 20s from morgan hill and liver more and santa rosa and cloverdale . jan jose to santa cruz. those are the areas. santa clara valley. frost advisories . harder freezing temperatures in the north bay in the same time of frame in the overnight hours. this small area of disturbed weather coming through right now. rain we are havinglet sprinkles and pulling in dryer and cooler air that will bring us sunshine tomorrow . then warmer weather once we modify this thursday and friday. we'll see a string of 60s in the weekend. have a great start to the 2013, here's kristin again. >> mike, thank you.
5:50 am
we'll look at traffic. not much out there. dry times and speed limit area. 101 and 480 and your communicate right there doing just fine . transit no problems. i should warn you most agencies are on a holiday schedule . no a-streams today. the tollplasa locking light. we do . to tell you to be careful out there. we are getting in reports. two reports was drivers goinglet wrong direction south bay. this is it on 280 in san jose . could be wrapping up be aware we have had a report and be on the look out. here this morning to bay area babies are laying claim to first local babies was 2013. one was born in the stroke of midnight in the summit medical center in berkeley. no wond on gender name or
5:51 am
partners. a baby boy was born in antioc. harley daniel sparks entered the world at eight pound and two ounces. his parents are here from backersville visiting family and he came along. straight ahead. five things before you know to go or stay [ fingers tapping ] [ rain pattering ] [ heels clicking ] [ female announcer ] yoplait light tastes great now... ♪ ...and feels great later 20 delicious flavors of yoplait light,
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now at 90 calories each. yoplait, it is so good!
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here are five things to know before you g. number one spectacular fireworks lit up the sphy welcoming in 2013. thousands of people packed the water front for prime views of the show. the crowd was mostly well behaved. 10 people were arrested on charges of public intoxication . three people were shot in two insdints in san francisco. a 12 year old boy and man were hit. another man at jefferson and main was shot in the hand. both suspects are outstanding. senate passed a bill to avoid the fiscal cliff and now the house will meet to vote. it does raise taxes on individuals making $400,000 a
5:55 am
year. president obama call would the bill right for the country. number four, fourth anniversary of the shooting death of oscar grant. he was shot by a b.a.r.t. police officer in a ruckus gathering. the officer was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to two years in prison. number 5, floats are ready and the fans are lining the streets. that is in a few hours from now. pasadena smelled like roses when the parade got under way. keep an eye out for the kids in blue. and stanford takes on wisconsin for football action. going for the rose bowl. good morning america is coming up next . 8:00 rose parade kicks off and you can watch it here on abc 7 . mike shuman is in pasadena for the rose bowl. you can see the report later
5:56 am
today on abc sen. knowing him, he will have a great time. weather for the game. >> lots of sunshine and maybe a passing cloud or two. >> and for us. >> thanks. it is pair the air and there could be poor air quality in the north bay. traveling today. light rain in the santa cruz mountains and most of the states will be dry. in fact look at live doppler in the entire state is quiet . this is another look at the showers as they move through the santa cruz mountains . by the afternoon hours. will a lot of sunshine and temperatures in the low to mid-50s . tonight, bay shore line and santa clarka valley . everybody is getting frost. >> black eye's chances? >> about the same as yesterday. >> thanks, mike. abc 7 morning news continues
5:57 am
in 25 minutes . remember.
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5:59 am
good morning, america. this tuesday, january 1st, and happy new year. welcome to 2013. people around the world ringing in the new year with blockbuster celebrations. new year, new trends. we've got everything you need to jump-start your january out with the old, in with the new, the hottest picks of everything you need to start 2013 right on trend from movies and tv shows you don't want to miss to the fashion that will have you looking ready to hit the runway. and meet joe liukin. he is giving away the store, no, really, the store. turning over the keys to all his employees after 40 years of running a supermarket and why he says he's going to make them the owners. maybe it's all about giving back.

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TOPIC FREQUENCY San Francisco 14, Kristin 6, Oakland 5, Pasadena 4, Jefferson 3, Freemont 2, Mike 2, Amy Holyfield 2, Christin 2, Ma 2, Cupertino 2, Wisconsin 2, Berkeley 2, Boulder 2, Morgan 1, Livermore 1, Redwood City 1, Monterey 1, Jordan 1, Kristin Zee 1
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